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White Lake Mansion House Planning Board/Developer Correspondence

View comments and corresponence from the White Lake Fire Department, Engineers, and Attorneys:

Click link below to view White Lake Fire Department comments:

WLMH Fire Dept Comments_3
Download PDF • 95KB

Click link below to view Engineer correspondence 1:

WLMH Coresp Smith Engineer w Devel re complance _6
Download PDF • 156KB


Click link below to view Engineer correspondence 2:

WLMH Corresp Smith Engineerw Devel_8
Download PDF • 181KB


Click link below to view Correspondence with the Developer:

WLMH PB Corresp w Devloper_2
Download PDF • 176KB

Emails from White Lake Fire Department to/with Developer

- Emails between Attorney Billig & Bethel attorney (Ricciani)

- Emails between Engineer Glenn Smith & attorney Billig

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White Lake Mansion House Legal Docs & Reports

View written submission of the 2/6/23 hearing by Steven M. Mogel, Attorney At Law, Monticello, New York:


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